Cancellation Policy

Since we always accommodate emergencies as a priority, scheduling may occasionally be disrupted, and we thank you for your understanding. Please notify us if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment. We request 24 hour cancellation notice.

Because no-shows cause such a disruption to our schedule and ultimately cause inordinate wait times for others, we have a policy in place to dismiss patients from our practice who miss three appointments within a 12 month period without notifying the office in advance.

Immunization Policy

It is the policy of West Atlanta Pediatrics that all children who come to our practice for care receive all immunizations recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.(A.A.P.)

The immunization schedule changes from time to time as new vaccines become available. We are unable to provide care to families who do not follow these guidelines.

West Atlanta Pediatrics believes that immunizations are of vital importance in the health of children individually and the population as a whole.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

If there are questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to let us know.

You may refer to the A.A.P. Website regarding immunization practices and recommendations.

Appointment Policy

Regular office hours are from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

All visits are by appointment only. Sick visits and well care are scheduled separately. Please call for an appointment between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. Calls for appointments that come in after 3:00 p.m. will be given an appointment for the following business day.

There are limited numbers of well checkups scheduled each day. You will need to set these up well in advance. In the busy winter months, it can be four to six weeks before a check-up space is available.

Insurance & Payment Policy

It is your responsibility to pay your copay, co-insurance or deductible at the time of service. Payment may be made by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.
If your child has insurance that we do not participate with, or if your child does not have insurance, payment in full is expected at the time of service. If payment arrangements need to be made, those arrangements should be made prior to the office visit.

We offer a 25% discount on office visits if you child is uninsured.

The parent or adult who brings the child for care is responsible for payment due at the time of service.

Please call us promptly if you have a question about your bill. Most problems can be solved quickly and easily. We are happy to work with you to take care of your financial obligations, but it requires that you communicate with us if there is a question or a problem.